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Pmi- sp exam prep

Today's project environments demand complex project scheduling techniques that go beyond simply defining the time required to execute the project.

Earn Your PMI-SP®, Part 3: What You Need to Study

Project Managers and Schedulers must be able to strategically analyze project schedules, recognize scheduling opportunities and detect scheduling threats and use this information to refine schedules within interdependent, dynamic, fast-paced environments.

Small and large organizations alike will benefit from employees who have the critical knowledge needed to successfully lead projects through today's risky terrain! Despite the growing need for project managers, keen competition is expected for project management positions; candidates who are credentialed will realize the greatest opportunities to advance and succeed.

As a busy professional, you're concerned with maintaining the balance between your work, your life, and your desire to learn and advance within your career and maintain your certification. We bring the course to your desktop, providing knowledge on demand and at your convenience. For more information on PMI's requirements, please visit www.

Todd Edge Program Manager phone: email: tedge fau. Register Now! Building a PMO. Fundamentals of Agile Project Management. Introduction to Project Management In-Class. Introduction to Project Management Online. PDU Online Programs.

Executive Certificate in Project Management Evening. Executive Certificate in Project Management Online. Executive Certificate in Project Management Weekend.Amazingly, I came up empty handed. The only study materials I found were books from PMI. As it turned out, several people wanted to know more about the exam, so I initiated an email study group. After months of searching for anyone who had taken the test before, I received responses from a few people who had tackled the beta version of the exam.

I had a few things going for me regarding preparation: I teach a class related to Microsoft Project every week, and I had already memorized anything related to this software. In terms of the Practice Standard for Scheduling, I read everything and memorized as many lists and definitions that I had time for. I tried very hard to memorize those items for time, cost, and communication and it really did help.

However, I forgot to thoroughly read and memorize all the definitions, which left gaps in my test-taking preparations.

Luckily, I read through other sections of the PMBOK Guide and there seemed to be a random scattering of questions through many other knowledge areas. This proved to be helpful during exam time. Understand the tools and techniques of time management. Raul A. He has vast experience in estimating, planning, and scheduling projects using multiple tools. Contact him at romerraul gmail. Because — as I reported in part two of this series — that guide was all of 15 pages long.

How important could it really be? I gave it a quick glance. Bad idea. The specification guide provided both the structure for the exam and an explanation of what a scheduler does in each domain. My advice would be to invest your money and then scrutinize what the guide states.

Send me an email to be added to the list. Read Part 1 of this series.

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Read Part 2 of this series. Cindy Lewis is an awarded Microsoft Project MVP and an expert in scheduling with a long history in project management.

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She serves on the board of the MPUG Detroit chapter and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events across the country. Feel free to connect with Cindy on social media or contact her directly through her website www.

Please add me to your e-mails. Its all the same today as it was when you wrote this blog. All I can find is paid material and which too having reviews which were confusing. Any additional information you have regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Can you help me how to prepare for the exam and which course material to use?The project was deemed successful by the project customer and they have signed the formal acceptance documentation.

Marty has written the final project report, released the project team, and completed the lessons learned documentation. Mark one answer: Archive the project records. Summarize the project risks costs. Summarize the project variance. Close the project office.

pmi- sp exam prep

QBen is the project manager for his organization. His project has 26 stakeholders this week and will have five additional stakeholders next week. How many more communication channels will Ben's project have next week? Mark one answer: 10 5. QYou are the project manager for your organization. Management has asked you to document the holidays, weekends, and other corporate working hours, which will supersede the project timings for your schedule.

Which calendar will communicate to the project stakeholders, when the project work will take place within the organization? Mark one answer: Project calendar Resource calendar Organizational calendar Company calendar. QGina is the project manager for her organization and she is working with her project team to define the project activities. In this project, the stakeholders are sensitive to the project completion date, so Gina is stressing to her project team members that while they need to provide and account for all of the project activities, they should focus on one work package in the WBS at a time.

In order to start the decomposition of the project work packages into activities, Gina will need all of the following except for which one? You have identified the following risks with the characteristics as shown in the following figure: How much capital should the project set aside for the risk contingency reserve? You are currently 45 percent complete with this project, though you are supposed to be at your second milestone which accounts for half of the project completion.

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What is this project's schedule variance? QYou have been hired as a project manager for Tech Perfect Inc. You are studying the documentation of planning of a project. The documentation states that there are twenty-five stakeholders with the project.

What will be the number of communication channels for the project? Mark one answer: 50 QAndy works as the project manager for Bluewell Inc. He is developing the schedule for the project. There are eight tools and techniques that a project manager can use to develop the project schedule. Which of the following is a tool and technique for the Schedule Development process? Mark one answer: Schedule compression Reserve analysis Variance analysis Expert judgment.

QYour project team is executing the project plan and things are going well. Your team has reached its first milestone and is now in the second phase of the project.

The project stakeholders have requested that you find a method to reduce the duration of the project. They will reward you and your project team with a 25 percent bonus of the project costs if you can finish the project thirty days earlier than what was already planned. The stakeholders, however, will not approve any additional labor costs as part of the agreement. Which approach could you use to shorten the duration of the project?

Mark one answer: Perform resource leveling for the project.

pmi- sp exam prep

Crash the project schedule. Fast track the project.As a reminder, all courses include 30 days of instructor support and 12 months of refresher support. You will have the opportunity to re-take any course virtually or in-person once travel restrictings are lifted. Lesson 3: Project Integration Management. Day 2 Lesson 4: Project Scope Management. Lesson 5: Project Schedule Management.

Lesson 6: Project Cost Management. Day 3 Lesson 7: Project Resource Management. Lesson 8: Project Communication Management. Lesson 9: Professionalism and Ethics. Candidates applying for certification as Project Management Institute Scheduling Professionals must satisfy the educational and experiential requirements for one of the following categories listed below and agree to abide by the Project Management Professional Code of Professional Conduct.

More information regarding the exam is available at PMI's website. View More…. Course Syllabus.

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Title 1. Day 1 Lesson 1: Introduction.

PMI - Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)

Lesson 4: Project Scope Management. Lesson 7: Project Resource Management. Requirements categories.

pmi- sp exam prep

This requirement is very easy to meet as meetings, books, webinars, and courses are all sources of PDUs. Course Instructor. Mon Mar Course Excercise images.You are the project manager of the AHQ project.

Which of the following approaches will likely add costs to the project? You work as a project manager for ABC Inc. You are currently overseeing a project on a high-rise building site. Your prime concern is to ensure that cranes are used effectively for moving materials. You also have to ensure that delivery trucks do not have to wait in a queue and that workers on the upper floors are able to get their deliveries on time. Which type of scheduling would be required in such a scenario? Which of the following components of the change control system includes the documentation, tracking systems, and defined approval levels necessary for authorizing and controlling changes?

PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)

You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. Your project requires the project team to paint 1, hotel rooms.

Mr. Anil - Cleared PMP Exam in 2021 - Proctored Based - Sharing his PMP Journey \u0026 Experience

Your project team reports that it will take them approximately 4 hours to paint each hotel room. You reason, then, that it will take 6, hours to paint all of the hotel rooms. What type of an estimate are you creating in this scenario? Laura is the project manager for her organization and management has requested her to create a report on her project's performance.

Laura needs to analyze her current project performance and then compare it against what, in order to create a performance report? Gary is the project manager of the NHF project, which is a part of a program in his organization. Your project is supposed to be 60 percent complete but you are actually only 40 percent complete. Management wants to know what the project's cost performance index CPI is.

What value do you report? Fred is the project manager of the NHA project. What is the cost variance for this project that Fred needs to report to management? Which of the following individuals performs various management roles within an administrative or functional area of the business, such as human resources, finance, accounting, or procurement? Beth is the project manager for her organization. Her current project has many deliverables that have been defined at a high level, but the details of the deliverables are still unknown.

In her project, Beth is planning in detail only the activities that are most imminent in the project work.To stand out in the crowd you need to have somewhat different skills than others. Getting certifications make you a preferable candidate for the job as well as increases your importance. They help in showing your commitment towards your aim and dedication towards your work and organization.

Let us get into details of this valuable credential. In this role, an individual has more competence in the specialized area of developing and maintaining the project schedule than a general practitioner and yet, also maintains a basic level of competence in all areas of project management. Employers can trust certification holders to possess the skills, knowledge and experience to contribute directly to their crucial projects.

This global certification also supports individuals in meeting organizational needs; organizations can be confident in hiring capable, experienced practitioners as well as having a means for a career development path.

Project Management Scheduling Professional Exam is valid for 3 years after you pass the certification. There are two ways through which you can earn PDUs- through Education or through giving back to professionals. PMI does not disclose its passing score so it is better to focus on your exam preparation to score well.

You are granted a one-year eligibility period in which to pass the examination. During the eligibility period, you may take the examination up to three times because candidates do not always pass the examination on their first attempt. If you fail the examination three times within your one-year eligibility period, you must wait one year from the date of your last examination to reapply for the certification.

However, after failing a certification examination three times, candidates may opt to apply for any other PMI certification. You can visit the page which has more information about the credential. Activities related to establishing and documenting schedule approach, policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, and scheduling objectives and goals. Task 1 Establish project schedule configuration management policies and procedures incorporating best practices, regulations, governing standards and organization policies, and procedures to ensure accessibility, storage, retrieval, maintenance, change control, and baseline schedule control.

Task 2 Develop schedule approach, based on the unique characteristics of the project, including enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets, in order to define schedule requirements. Task 3 Establish scheduling policies and procedures regarding methodology, selection of a scheduling tool, scheduling parameters, performance thresholds, activity granularity, presentation format, earned value management EVM implementation, analysis techniques, and approval requirements by using resources such as organizational process assets and project documents in order to develop the schedule management plan and standardize operational procedures.

Task 4 Develop the scheduling-related components for project management plans for example, integration, scope, cost, quality, resources, communication, risk, and procurement managementthrough review of contract requirements, in order to integrate scheduling activities into the overall project management process.

Task 5 Provide information about project scheduling objectives and goals, the role of the scheduler, and scheduling procedures to project team members to facilitate effective participation in the project.

Activities related to defining and sequencing activities and milestones, developing the work and resource breakdown structures, and establishing the performance measurement baseline PMB. Task 1 Develop the work breakdown structure WBSorganizational breakdown structure OBScontrol accounts CAand work packages through communication with subject matter experts and stakeholders and analysis of the contractual commitments in order to ensure completion of the project scope.

Task 2 Define activities and milestones through communication with subject matter experts, decomposition, and application of scheduling policies and procedures to identify and document the work to be performed. Task 4 Sequence activities, incorporating defined dependencies internal, external, and cross programs milestones, and constraints for example, calendars, geography, contractsin order to develop a logical, dynamic schedule model.

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Task 6 Develop the project resource breakdown structure RBSdetermine resource availability, and assign resources to activities by working with functional managers, project managers, and project team members in order to define the resource constrained schedule. Task 7 Adjust schedule model based upon resource availability, available budget, and other known constraints in order to calculate the resource constrained schedule.

Task 8 Align schedule with the overall program plan or integrated master plan IMPthrough review of enterprise objectives and contract documentation, in order to ensure accomplishment of overall program objectives.

Task 10 Perform schedule risk analysis using quantitative tools or techniques for example, what-if scenarios, Monte Carlo simulation in order to determine if project milestone dates are achievable within acceptable risk tolerances. Task 11 Obtain a consensus of the project customer, sponsor, project manager, and project team members, in order to establish an approved baseline schedule.

Task 12 Establish the Performance Measurement Baseline PMBusing organizational processes and standard techniques, in order to enable performance measurement and management. Activities related to monitoring the project schedule progress, performing schedule analyses, and managing change appropriately.

Task 1 Collect activity status at defined intervals from activity owners via reports, meetings, inspections, or other standard procedures in order to update and review the project progress. Task 2 Collect resource information and updates via reports, timesheets, meetings, inspections, or other standard procedures in order to report on resource utilization and availability. Task 3 Perform schedule analysis and audit, on in-house and subcontractor schedules, using industry standards, guidelines and best practices in order to identify and report project schedule, status, changes, impacts or issues.CayugaCayuseWhich of the following is a type of horse.

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